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Keyakizakaue Medical and Dental Clinic offers dentistry, cardiology, medical care, and general internal medicine.
We offer complete appointments and private rooms to ensure your time is well-spent,
Our specialists will provide you with the best treatment in privacy.

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7 Features

1. We provide highly specialized outpatient care.

A medical specialist is defined as "a physician who has received appropriate education and acquired sufficient medical skills in his or her respective field of practice and is able to provide standardized, specialized medical care that is trusted by patients. Our board-certified physicians, who are assured of their high clinical competence, provide the best, highest quality, and most advanced care to our patients.


2. Highly accurate medical examinations using the latest equipment

Dental Microscope Microscopes

We have introduced a dental microscope. This instrument can magnify the field of view up to approximately 40 times that of the naked eye, allowing for high-definition observation when a level of precision treatment that is impossible with the naked eye is required.

Medical Echo Versana Premier

It is possible to evaluate the morphology and dynamics of the intracardiac lumen and valves by tomography, M-mode, and various Doppler methods, as well as to perform various analyses such as time-phase analysis. It is a test that can be used for basic and various evaluations in cardiovascular diseases.


3. We provide seamless treatment through internal medicine and dentistry.

Keyakizakaue Medical and Dental Clinic offers both cardiology and dentistry services. For those who have systemic diseases such as heart disease and are anxious about undergoing dental treatment, dental treatment can be performed under the supervision of a cardiologist. We can also provide dental treatment with intravenous sedation by an anesthesiologist.If you have ever been anxious about receiving dental treatment, please contact us.

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4. Waiting time is minimal by appointment only.

By making appointments, we can eliminate unnecessary waiting time and ensure that the patient is treated with care and efficiency. The medical department charges an appointment fee as part of selective medical care.

5. All treatment is done in a completely private room.

We do not want people to know too much about your mouth or even your body... All of our medical and dental rooms are completely private. We provide a private room for you to receive a medical examination in a space where your privacy is protected.

6. We also see patients on Sunday mornings.

We see patients on Sunday mornings. Even those who are busy on weekdays can come to our office.

7. We are closely affiliated with major hospitals in the area.

In accordance with a national policy, local medical institutions and core hospitals are required to share the same roles, and the clinic has established a wide range of partnerships not only with core hospitals in Minato-ku, but also with specialized hospitals and university hospitals that specialize in cardiovascular diseases to respond to various situations.

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We are looking for staff.

We aim to create an environment where employees can work with a smile so that we can provide medical services that satisfy our patients.
Please feel free to visit us for a tour.

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